Big bucks

By The Canary

After almost getting shut down by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District last year for noncompliance, one cannabis company agreed to pay more than $1.3 million for its polluting ways. Central Coast Agriculture will now hold the incredible title of paying more than any other for violating air pollution regulations in the county—even more than quite possibly the worst oil company in county history.  “The magnitude of this settlement reflects the significance of the violations and the amount of emissions over three years,” APCD Executive Director and Air Pollution Control Officer Aeron Arlin Genet said.  The grow operation and cannabis processor, which sells its products under the Raw Garden brand and touts its commitment to water conservation and organic growing practices, didn’t really adhere to “green” practices when it came to the rest of its operation.  “Raw Garden has consistently put out award-winning Clean Green certified cannabis oils since 2015,” Raw Garden’s website states...

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