We Are Family photos celebrate LGBTQ-plus families across the Central Coast

By Adrian Vincent Rosas

For Laura Albers, a family photo is a powerful thing.  Sometimes it’s a window into a particular moment, other times it tells the story of a particular day—but most of all, according to Albers, family photos show the depths of the individual members who are in the photo, displaying all that makes them relatable and unique.  “This photo project will showcase the beauty, the joy, the connections, and the love that is present for all the individuals in each family,” Albers said. “It will help demonstrate that despite some families looking different than what we traditionally are expecting, they belong here and they deserve to thrive here.”  The photo project, officially titled We Are Family, is the passion project of the Central Coast Pride director and is set to be displayed at The Bunker art studio in San Luis Obispo during the entire month of June.  Albers worked alongside photographers Rebida Campbell and Summer Truschke to take and compile photos of multiple families with LGBTQ-plus members from across the Central Coast.  “We have families represented from every part of the Central Coast,” Albers said...