We can’t go back once we mess things up

It seems we have been gaslighted with the “group think” new agendas. I am a local of San Luis Obispo. I was born in 1951, so I’ve seen a lot of changes in San Luis Obispo city and the county. The very sad thing about the Dana Reserve project is not only the loss of all those trees and open land, but the concept that it will provide housing over protecting the environment.

I have seen so many projects here in the city and county that come down to one thing:

Greed. Money for developers, money for the county from the development. And we give up our precious land for that one thing. Greed.

Where and when do we finally put a stop to some of these projects? What are we going to leave for our future generation? Can we possibly find a better solution that would balance the Earth with the growing population?

A famous quote from a Madonna song, “wake up, wake up,” (“God Control”). That is a warning before it is too late, as we can’t go back and change things once we mess them up beyond repair.

Don’t let this project slip out of our hands, heads, and, most of all, our hearts.

Mark Steven Swack

San Luis Obispo

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