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Grandparents honored at St. Mary celebration

Grandparents were served by their grandstudents on Feb. 1 at the tail end of Catholic Schools Week celebrations at St. Mary of the Assumption School.

Lunch was served to about 150 grandparents, who were invited to join students after eating to participate in classroom activities. St. Mary School Principal Mary Cox said in a press release that many of the grandparents who attended the lunch also went to school at St. Mary. 

Grandparents’ Day is the final weekday event of the celebration, which includes a mass attended by 600 students from the four Catholic schools in the Santa Maria area, and a Mardi Gras dinner, dance, and auction.

“For many families, grandparents are one of the strongest influences in children’s lives,” Cox said in the release. “It is from their strength and faith that the youth learn and understand there is more to life than just material wants and desires.”

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