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Etta Waterfield announces bid for re-election


Santa Maria City Councilmember Etta Waterfield announced her bid for re-election on Nov. 20 in front of the Santa Maria Public Library, where a group of roughly 40 supporters and colleagues gathered to hear the councilmember speak.

“The desire to make a difference still burns within my soul,” Waterfield told the crowd, which included Mayor Alice Patino and Santa Barbara County supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Peter Adam.

Attendees held signs in support of Santa Maria City Council member Etta Waterfield as she announced her choice to run for reelection at the Santa Maria Public Library on Nov. 20.

“As your councilwoman,” Waterfield continued, “I pledge to continue to work tirelessly to enhance our public safety efforts, including fire, police, traffic circulation, which has been coming up, and to retain the attraction of new jobs, new employment, and making the growth of the city an economical and prosperous one.”

The upcoming election marks the first year of district elections in Santa Maria, and if elected, Waterfield said she would represent District No. 4, which encompasses the southeast portion of the city. The councilmember called the district system a “box,” but said it wouldn’t hamper her from helping all Santa Marians regardless of their addresses.

“So no matter what legal restrictions have been placed upon me,” Waterfield told attendees, “I will continue to be your city councilwoman no matter where you live and you can always call on me.”

Waterfield was elected to City Council for her first four-year term in November 2014. Since her appointment, Waterfield said she has helped the city improve its public safety, development, and quality of life through the city’s upgraded police department and programs dedicated to bringing new businesses to the area.

Waterfield told attendees that she thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of her job as a councilmember, including “the good, bad, and the ugly.”

“I just pray for another three years,” Waterfield told the crowd, before wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

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