Thursday, October 8, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 31

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I’m gathering sandbags right now.
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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

The last Streetwise question was in poor taste

Roy Allen - Santa Maria -

As a longtime reader of your publication, I have read some articles that I did not agree with. I enjoy your publication on a weekly basis. Rob Krider, Shelly Cone, and Ariel Waterman are my favorites. You must know that a “but” is coming, huh?

BUT, whomever is responsible for the Streetwise question in the Oct. 1 issue about people’s least favorite City Council member is exhibiting a lack of professionalism and objectivity as well as class. Too bad you have stooped so low as to promote a negative agenda.

The question was sophomoric at best. Low class and tasteless at worst. Whoever let that article in your publication deserves a public chiding of the worst sort. Decorum mandates that I not post my true feelings about your choice of question to pose to such a low-information public as we have here in Santa Maria. I am a lifelong resident of this town, and I know low-information people when I see them. Our town is overrun by them, and for you to allow such a demeaning and classless question to be posed of anyone is tasteless and foolish.

And just for the record, my TWO least favorite City Council members are Terri Zuniga and the Jack Boysen character. It’s too difficult a choice to choose one.