Tuesday, November 30, 2021     Volume: 22, Issue: 39

Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

Hartmann has helped Guadalupe

Tom Brandeberry, Los Amigos de Guadalupe -

Regarding the “Representation” opinion piece (Canary, Nov. 11), I’d like to correct a misrepresentation of Supervisor Hartmann’s support for the community of Guadalupe. While I am neutral on how the new supervisor districts should be drawn, I do take issue with Supervisor Hartmann being too stretched to be effective for Guadalupe. 

Here are a few key activities I have seen Supervisor Hartmann involved that are a direct benefit to the community of Guadalupe:

From the beginning of the renovation of LeRoy Park, she or her staff have been active members of the Amigos del LeRoy stakeholder group, writing letters of support, attending meetings, and making recommendations to Congressman Salud Carbajal for additional LeRoy Park funding. And she also was able to add discretionary funding to the project.

She supported the Central Park grant application and her office was active in attending the community outreach activities.

From the beginning of the Resilience-Guadalupe planning effort, the general plan, and many other recent planning efforts within Guadalupe, Supervisor Hartmann and her team have been active participants.

She supported our recent Guadalupe 75 Open Streets event, participating behind the scenes on funding for the event and helping with volunteer needs. To that end, any community effort that needed volunteers that I attended, so did Supervisor Hartmann. She has planted trees and connected grant writers to the Dunes Center.

She was a strong advocate for the formation of the Guadalupe Business Association (GBA) and has written many letters of support for the city of Guadalupe grant application.

No county supervisor can be everywhere at once; the job is stretched territorially. But regardless of the geographic size of Supervisor Hartmann’s district, she has always been a true advocate for the community.

Tom Brandeberry
president & CEO
Los Amigos de Guadalupe

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