Monday, March 2, 2015     Volume: 15, Issue: 51

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Should a person be able to sue businesses for being American with Disabilities Act noncompliant?

Yes! The ADA was passed for a reason.
If that person sues all the time, then no.
No. Not everybody can afford to be ADA compliant.
It doesn't affect me.

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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

50 Shades of No Way

Victoria Grostick - San Luis Obispo -

I do not think I have ever read a funnier or more honest review of a movie than Cliff and Jessica’s commentary on 50 Shades of Grey (“Coming attractions,” Feb. 19).

It had me laughing out loud, and although I had not planned to see the movie, nor read the book, it almost makes me want to after reading this piece.

Chris Hedges, a prominent journalist who now writes for, did his review, associating the movie with the “end of the world as we know it,” i.e., porn and violence. He throws in American Sniper for good measure for the violence aspect.

So now I have two different slants on the movie, which are in actuality the same: Do not pay good money for rubbish!

Thanks for the good laugh.

The Dreamers deserve better

Richard Miller - Los Osos -

Well, the Do-Nothing Republicans in the Do-Nothing Republican-controlled Congress in Washington have, with the help of a racist conservative judge in Republican Texas, finally done something.

Together, they have thrown cold water on the hopes of millions of American kids, 
known as “Dreamers” because they believe in this country.

I have trouble with the latest machinations of the Republicans for three reasons:

First of all, these kids are good people. Their parents have helped make this country work, and these kids will, too.

Second, these kids were brought to this country when they were minors; it is the only home they have ever known. And since when in the United States of America do we punish children for the sins of their fathers?

Third, if the Republicans’ machinations result in these kids being rounded up and deported, their actions will be equated with the Nazis’ rounding up and deporting of Gypsies and Jews.

Please do run for office, women!

Angie King - San Luis Obispo -

Heidi Harmon’s commentary (“Run like a girl,” Feb. 19) is so right on and clear as to what women have been facing since the end of World War II when we were told to go back to the kitchen. Back then, we protested for equal pay for equal work; for accessible, affordable daycare facilities; and for more attention to be paid to the serious crimes against women—rape,domestic violence, sexual assaults—and for the more subtle forms of discrimination. And, unfortunately, we’re still protesting and fighting for those same issues.

I am glad to see Heidi take up the struggle. Remember, as Gloria Steinem is famously reported to have said, the personal is political and the political is personal. So, yes, run for office, and support women who do, and speak up about the issues. We all have a stake in how our country treats its women, don’t we?