Friday, January 20, 2017     Volume: 17, Issue: 46

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Should local campuses adopt "safe haven" policies to protect undocumented students?

Heck no, we're living in Trump's America now!
Yes, all students need to feel safe on campus.
Some of the proposals go a bit far, but they have the right idea.
I don't care, I dropped out anyway.

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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

Liberal hysteria

Larry Bargenquast - Paso Robles -

The leftist tide of anti-Trump loathing and hatred has turned into a tsunami of hysteria that Michael Goodwin says is like sounding five alarms for a dumpster fire. These people are so terrified of a country without liberal progressivism that it’s no longer enough to call Trump a racist and a bigot who hates minorities. That’s standard fare for anyone who disagrees with them. Now they’re calling him a psychopathic billionaire or, as Kathleen Parker said recently, “a traitor who’s siding with the enemy,” but she’s just confusing him with Obama.

The intensity of the liberal opposition to Trump’s election is not only sinister and unprecedented, it’s dangerous. After the election, a 50-year-old man was brutally assaulted and seriously beaten. Why? Because he voted for Trump. Seven feral blacks kidnapped, tied, gagged, mocked, viciously beat, and tortured a special needs man for hours, saying “F— Donald Trump,” and “F— white people,” while live-streaming it on Facebook. Malik Zulu Shabazz, former chairman of the New Black Panther Party once said, “White man’s gonna find out what it’s like when the black man takes over.”

With all the civil disobedience in Ferguson, St. Louis, New York City, and other places around the country, now Obama’s chief instigator of racial unrest, Al Sharpton, is promising us another season of “civil disobedience,” which is “a state of lawlessness or political disorder in disregard of existing government authority,” which Webster’s Dictionary calls anarchy. My question is, how can these forward-looking liberals define a wholesale campaign of lawlessness and political disorder as a step toward progress? However, beware liberals, or you might find all your hysteria and civil unrest splintered on the rocky shores of the Trump administration.

Nuclear is the best clean energy

William Gloege - Santa Maria -

Wind and solar for energy are said to be “carbon-free.” In other words, they don’t contribute to global warming. But hold on. They are both “backed up” by burning natural gas when the wind doesn’t blow and there’s no sun.

According to the California Energy Commission, 30.5 percent of the natural gas burned in huge California goes to back up wind and solar! There’s a lot of snake oil salesmanship in the renewable energy arena.

Another example is something called “nameplate capacity and capacity factor.” “Nameplate capacity,” like that of the Topaz Solar Farm’s 550 megawatts, shows what the farm could produce if it ran day and night. But Topaz Solar Farm also has a “capacity factor” (their actual power produced as a percent of nameplate capacity) of only 24.4 percent, or about one quarter of what they advertise to the public about production. With our cloudy skies and rain, it’s considerably less than 25 percent.

The result is because of the variable and smaller amount of power coming out of solar and wind. California must burn more fossil fuel to keep the state running, and that prevents reaching our emission-reduction goals.

In 2014, famed investor Warren Buffet said it all: “On wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

However, the wind and solar business does have a good friend. They are warmly supported by the fossil fuel industry when they want to appear “green.” They love wind and solar and even feature them in TV ads, knowing better than the average citizen that wind and solar will never produce enough carbon-free electricity to eliminate, or even reduce, their billions in fossil fuel income. 

So the Koch brothers go on polluting the planet for profit, while the public buys the snake oil, thinking wind and solar will save Mother Earth and their children and grandchildren. Check the facts behind the hype on renewable energy. Nuclear power is far safer by injuries and fatalities than fossil fuel, and it emits zero carbon. 

As with France and the U.S. nuclear Navy, clean and safe nuclear could run almost everything. If you love your children and grandkids, do something today. Start by calling your state and federal senators and demanding a simple tax on carbon emissions. Tell them you support nuclear, too. That will make polluters like the Koch brothers pay for their damage to earth and people. Maybe they’ll get into a healthy, non-polluting, non-carbon-emitting power business—like nuclear power.

DANA makes learning fun for kids

Marina Washburn - executive director for the DANA Cultural Center, Nipomo -

I am truly grateful for our many Dana Adobe friends. Your generosity and kindness allows us, in our own small way, to introduce and inspire children by engaging them with the natural and cultural resource found at the DANA Adobe Cultural Center.

One way we do that is through our educational field trips. These allow fourth graders who have not had the opportunity to learn firsthand about California's early history and the natural resources around us, to do so during a visit with us.

From a fourth grader named Jennifer, from Joe Nightingale School:

"Dear Friends at the Dana Adobe,

"I had a wonderful day. Thank you for letting our class come to visit. I loved making the tortillas. My favorite rotations were when we made tortillas and when we did the bricks. I learned that the adobe family liked having company. I loved learning about the adobe family. I had a great time learning about everything."