Thursday, November 27, 2014     Volume: 15, Issue: 38

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Is Prop 47 (reduces charges for nonviolent crimes like drug possession) good or bad?

Terrible. It will make crime worse.
Necessary. We need to reduce inmate populations.
Good. Drug possession shouldn't result in jail time.
Bad. Criminals need to be punished.

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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

I'm appalled at Capps' deceptive moves

Glende St. Jean - Santa Maria -

Lie: an untrue statement intended to deceive. Liar: one who tells lies. The Capps campaign ran a TV ad in which they edited a statement by Chris Mitchum to make it sound as if he would not go to Washington to represent the 24th District. They intentionally omitted the remainder of his statements and ran the ad to mislead the public into thinking Mitchum said exactly the opposite of what he actually said. The ad was aired late in the campaign so Mitchum would not have the opportunity to rebut.

Consider the ethics of the liars who concocted this contemptible filth. Then consider the ethics of our now re-elected Democrat representative Lois Capps who stated her name and that she “approved of this message.” Since the ad is a blatant lie, my question to you, Lois, is what does that make you? Must you resort to lies and distortion to win your re-election, and if so why? You are the best example of what is wrong with Congress and politicians in general. Senators and congressmen/congresswomen once were referred to as “honorable.” Is there anyone out there who would call a stunt like this honorable?

The following is for your benefit, congresswoman: Ethics: the basic principles of right action, especially with reference to a particular person, profession, etc. If this is the caliber of representation our district has, then I, for one, am unrepresented in this Congress. I’ll be smoked alive if I’ll quietly accept despicable actions such as this. Shame on you, Lois Capps! Shame on your campaign people! Shame on the TV stations that aired this preposterous lie, and shame on the Democratic Party for condoning such deceitfulness (look this preceding word up yourself, Lois).

God help this country from the people we elect and those who vote them in.

Thank you for moving Guadalupe forward

Gary L. Hoving - Guadalupe -

The voters of Guadalupe sent a very strong message during the recent election; they want their local government to remain intact even if it cost them more. In fact, all three of the tax initiatives passed with  margin of 80 percent, which is simply an amazing feat.

On behalf of the police officers, firefighters, and human resources director, we offer our heartfelt thank you for your support of the increase in tax. It was inspiring to see the community rally together to “save Guadalupe” and achieve unprecedented results.

Having personally spoken with many residents during the grassroots campaign, I was humbled by the support of our police and fire departments. As a whole, the community is pleased with the level of service currently provided and concerned about extended response times had the city unincorporated.

The services provided by the sheriff and Santa Barbara County Fire are of the highest caliber, but the cost to contract for services offered no financial relief. We thank the county of Santa Barbara for engaging in discussions to explore all potential options and will look forward to a continued working relationship to provide the best response to our community, as well as surrounding areas.

There was a secondary message from the Guadalupe community, which was also received loud and clear. The community does support local city government, but demands that we make smart business decisions with the tax dollars to avoid a repeat of our current fiscal crisis. While they do support us and have faith in the management ability, there will be no second chance to return to the voters for greater increases.

I am proud of my role as the community director of public safety. I am equally proud of the quality and skills of our police officers and firefighters who have dedicated their professional careers to the city of Guadalupe. But the most important source of pride is in the community that remained aware of the issues concerning Guadalupe and overwhelmingly voted to support the proposed tax measures in order to sustain our local government and lead us into a brighter future.

Once again, thank you for your support on Nov. 4, 2014, which should be noted as a turning point in the history of the city of Guadalupe.