Saturday, August 23, 2014     Volume: 15, Issue: 24

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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

We can't afford Measure P

Terri Stricklin - Nipomo -

It appears there is a new “F” word in the language of Californians, especially here on the Central Coast. The proponents of Measure P have used it so much most people probably believe “fracking” has anything to do with this ballot initiative. It does not, as there is no fracking in Santa Barbara County. But they keep saying it.

It actually reminds me of the people who repeatedly held up signs that said “No New Taxes” in regards to Measure M, about a ballot measure that had nothing to do with taxes. But it was clever advertising, I’ll give them that, because they know if you say something enough times, people will believe it.

Speaking of county supervisors, I attend board meetings in SLO and Santa Barbara county, and it infuriates me when the chair decides the citizens cannot speak for the usual three minutes. Instead, those who have taken a chunk of time out of their day are given two minutes to be heard. Why is that? Is the board’s time more valuable than ours? Isn’t it the people’s business you’re doing up there? Your last meeting lasted less than three hours … was there somewhere else you all had to be that was more important than listening to your constituents? And the last thing I want to do is listen to the opposing side, but you know what? It’s their right to speak for three minutes, too. And to add insult to injury, the supervisors themselves go on endlessly (especially during campaign season), making little sense and taking up precious time that the general public could be using.

I am opposed to Measure P. As a native Santa Marian whose family has been in business here for more than 60 years, I’m asking the voters of this county to get informed on this issue and get involved. It’s a mistake this county, our businesses, and our families cannot afford.

We have been desensitized

Sharon Harris - Santa Maria -

I have been pondering this subject for sometime—“desensitization of our population.” Enjoyed reading your column (“All the world’s a stage?” Aug. 7). I believe that as a whole, our society can’t grasp the bigger picture, and we focus on what appears to be the fix, which really doesn’t fix anything. You give the example of the brouhaha the Isla Vista shooting caused, the father going national with “not one more” and wanting more gun control laws. No one seems to see that these “shooters” have social issues created by ourselves, parenting, social media. More gun control will not “fix” the problem, but look how much time on air the father was given, and he didn’t even address the issue. What created the desensitization of these individuals has to be explored.

Take the Carl’s Jr. pornographic ad (which is switched up occasionally to another porno ad) that is shown nightly on our local channels. It is viewed as “acceptable,” and no one seems to be appalled that our kids are watching porn. They don’t even understand that Carl’s Jr. is showing “Lust and Gluttony,” telling everyone it is OK. We seem to have “lost our way.” Where are the strong fathers who know right from wrong and monitor and teach their children and speak out against society’s wrongs?

Why did the boy do the shootings in Isla Vista? It appears he had been “desensitized” somewhere along his history to feel it was OK to randomly kill. From what I viewed, he appeared to have accumulated hatred toward others.

As an initial indication—he didn’t appear happy or accepted in pics they showed with his stepbrother.

You may recall serial killers Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. Bundy was interviewed numerous times throughout the years before he was executed, and he over and over again spoke of being “desensitized” through looking at violent pornographic material and becoming “desensitized” and needing more to actually “feel” that sensation like “an addiction.” We can’t get enough—and have lost our ability to discern. Manson said that we as a society created him. There are individuals that are drawn toward darkness. Why do we help lead them?