Tuesday, June 2, 2020     Volume: 21, Issue: 13

Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

Local cannabis rules are good

Carmela Beck, Santa Maria -

I’m a recent transplant from a Northern California agricultural community. I lived in Lompoc last year and just moved to Santa Maria. Although I have no friends or family in the area, I moved here in 2019 for an amazing job offer in cannabis. Let me count the reasons why I say amazing:

• Cannabis plants are incredible medicine.

• Working in cannabis aligns with my values of working for a values-driven company in an industry that has the power to heal. 

• Working for a Jewish-female- and Latino-owned business is both inspiring and empowering.

• My job pays a living wage, which allows me to live in one of the most expensive counties in the state.

• Cannabis companies are economic drivers contributing to the growth of our local and state economies evidenced through high-paying jobs and payment of ancillary services and taxes.

• The company owners are thoughtful, giving leaders providing cannabis education, advocacy, and community involvement.

My principal reason for writing is to show my support to the county of Santa Barbara for its thoroughness and due diligence in crafting and implementing the cannabis ordinance. Staff has unequivocally done their job in ensuring CEQA compliance, local constituents overwhelmingly voted in favor of cannabis, and public comment periods were exhaustive. 

We have a solid ordinance, clear rules to follow, and a queue of conscientious cannabis entrepreneurs awaiting approval. We can’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Cannabis is the future whether the opponents want it or not. The SB Coalition for Responsible Cannabis CEQA lawsuit filed against the county is a frivolous drain on limited resources that will not be won. 

Once again, I’m here to support the county in its fight to defend its highly defensible CEQA work outputs.

Carmela Beck
Santa Maria

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