Wednesday, September 30, 2020     Volume: 21, Issue: 30

Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

The blame-Trump game

Ellis Romero, Santa Maria -

Is anyone else as sick of hearing “racist” as much as I am? If you disagree with me, then I’m a racist. If you say something I don’t like, then you are a racist. Everyone’s a racist. Give me a break. I am especially tired of people labeling Trump a racist because he wants to secure our borders. Do you lock your house? Do you lock your car? Does that make you a racist if a Mexican, or Black, or white, or whatever tries to break in and rob your home or steal your car? Of course not. It’s ridiculous. 

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and just about every other Democrat you can name blame Trump for everything. He’s been in office less than four years. Biden has 48 years; Pelosi 33; Schumer and Schiff are career politicians. They have had decades in which to fix all of America’s problems. Why aren’t they fixed? Talk is cheap. They promise you the world and deliver you nothing. Show me what they have done for this country in the last four years. Where’s the list? With no record to show for themselves they resort to name calling and the blame game. 

Trump’s policies have resulted in the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment in history? Would he, as a racist, try to provide jobs and a better life for people of color? 

When you vote, remember which cities are in turmoil, which cities have the most gun violence, which cities are in the worst shape financially, and which party controls them. Democrats. Remember also which party wants to defund the police and has yet to speak out against the violence and brutality in these same cities. Research and discover which party wanted to keep Black people in slavery and which party was behind emancipation.

Ellis Romero
Santa Maria

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