Monday, February 27, 2017     Volume: 17, Issue: 51

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Should local ranchers and farmers shoot coyotes?

Yes. They do considerable damage to livestock and crops.
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Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

Goodbye, California

Joel Mangrum - Santa Maria -

I moved to this state almost 17 years ago and have had the privilege of bouncing from Bakersfield to Orange County to here on the Central Coast. It is with some sadness that I am leaving the state for good at the end of February.

In truth the loss of my job was only the final catalyst in pushing me to make this move. In my time here, I’ve seen the cost of rent almost triple, the cost of my utilities more than double, and my sales taxes increase inch by inch.

In my time I’ve seen Democrats gain a super majority in the state Senate that will allow for them to increase taxes since they are now unanswerable to any but themselves. I’ve seen public sector pensions not being managed to maximize profits, but to be used for political correctness. But no one cares since any shortfall will be passed along to taxpayers.

In my time I’ve seen governors more interested in dumping our precious water to save a few fish than to guard against drought. I’ve seen governors guarantee PG&E a certain profit instead of open competition that has jacked up my rates while a lot of the rest of the country has lowered theirs. And finally, I’ve seen a governor basically declare our entire state to be a sanctuary city.

This state has bled me dry financially in every way it could while it dreams up new ways, and I just can’t do this anymore. I can see it will never be enough so I’m leaving while I still have barely enough to get out of the state. I am sorry to have to leave you, but if I were being truthful, it feels like you left me behind a long time ago.

Which immigrants failed to show?

Jan Lipski - Lompoc -

So of the million people that immigrated to the U.S. every year, which immigrants decided to stay home last Thursday?

Some 90,000 people come from Europe. Did any of them stay home? How about Asians? About 400,000 people from China, 20,000 from Korea, 30,000 Vietnamese, and more than 120,000 Asians from dozens of other countries? About 98,000 immigrants came from Africa. I would wager that none of these other immigrants decided to demonstrate how important immigrants are.

However, there is a class of immigrants that have been adopted by Democrats as the chosen victims that are being persecuted. They’ve been added to the Democratic victim class to cultivate a voter bloc. What have the Democrats done for you lately? All the Democratic victims are still trapped in their circumstances and of all the promises made going back to President Johnson’s War on Poverty have only delivered multi-story tenements that devolved into vertical ghettos and Section 8 housing that turned neighborhoods into sprawling multi-block ghettos. They bused your children to other schools instead of building decent schools in your neighborhood.

But worst of all, they separated you from the mainstream and promoted protests and civil disobedience. These demonstrations do not help your cause. Employers lost the income from a day’s business. Small business is also small profit. Many small business owners don’t even take a salary because the payroll comes first. Benefits, taxes, and utilities quickly eat up the rest of the day’s revenues. School districts lost thousands of dollars because of truant students. So when the teacher has to dig into their own pocket to provide school supplies or the school district has to float another bond issue, did your protest help or hurt your school?

The most precious thing is a free education. So besides financially hurting your school district, you deprived yourself of a day’s education. Education that can lift you up to better paying jobs. I don’t understand why you’d buy into being a victim instead of being champion of your own destiny. You don’t have to wave a flag. We see immigrants every day, and as the great American experiment, we pride ourselves in being the melting pot and embrace every American who plays by the rules and makes this country the envy of the world.