Thursday, May 19, 2022     Volume: 23, Issue: 12

Santa Maria Sun / Letters to the Editor

Where is Christy Lozano on the issues?

Joseph Cortez, Santa Maria -

Citizen Christy Lozano is vying to replace current Superintendent of Schools Susan Salcido with the aid of County Clerk Joseph Holland. A lawsuit has been filed against Ms. Lozano for bypassing protocol and entering the race without valid credentials. Incumbent Susan Salcido is dismissing the shenanigans stating that she is focused on her own agenda.

With today’s hysteria and corruption associated with MAGA maniacs, I worry that Christy Lozano is undertaking this run for office to aid the far right in their attempt to drastically change the education system.

Ms. Salcido should worry about the possibility of such happening and have her staff find out where Ms. Lozano stands on issues like book banning in public schools, critical race theory—which isn’t even taught in schools—and what is now going on, a war with the LGBT community!

Always remember, a wolf in a pretty dress is still a wolf!

Joseph Cortez
Santa Maria

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