Wedding Issue 2024

In this year’s annual issue, you can find the latest dress fashion, traditions and where they came from, and the vintage cake trend

Wedding season is almost here, and we’ve got some information for those of you still trying to decide what to do for yours. In this year’s annual Weddings Issue, Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor speaks with wedding dress purveyors and planners about what’s on-trend in bride and bridesmaid fashion; Senior Staff Writer Glen Starkey from the Sun’s sister paper, New Times, writes about traditions and from whence they came; and New Times Staff Writer Bulbul Rajagopal chats with bakers about the vintage cake craze.

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POP OF COLOR: Wedding fashion for bridesmaids have morphed in recent years—away from the tradition of the same dress in the same color for all the ladies in the bridal party. Instead, different shades and unique dresses showcase bridesmaids’ individuality while still adhering to the wedding theme.

Unique expression: Central Coast wedding planners and dress shop owners say wedding fashion is both classic and changing

By Taylor O’Connor

Kinda your grandma’s cake: Vintage-style cakes are taking over weddings with their intricate piping and callback to yesteryears

By Bulbul Rajagopal

Tradition, superstition: Odd wedding traditions and superstitions explained

By Glen Starkey

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