The Oceano Airport doesn’t serve Oceano

As a concerned lifelong resident of Oceano, I perceive a disparity in the treatment and resources allocated to our community compared to other oceanfront towns. 

Specifically, using 60 acres of our precious coastal land for an airport is frivolous and unfair to our community. I believe that this property holds immense potential for the benefit of our community at large, and not just for the few mostly nonresident, wealthy individuals who can afford to use the airport. 

That land could be used for senior housing, designated tourist parking spaces to alleviate congestion at the beachfront, and walking/biking trails for the enjoyment and health of our residents and visitors. 

Senior and low-income housing is a pressing need in our town. Repurposing some of the airport acreage for such use would address this demand and foster a stronger sense of community by catering to the needs of our elderly residents. Placing tourist parking facilities would enhance pedestrian access to our beachfront and its businesses thus contributing to the economic growth of our town. Well-maintained walking/biking trails in those 60 acres would promote an active and healthy lifestyle among our residents and showcase the natural beauty of our town to visitors, thereby boosting tourism. 

I believe that most of the airport property should be restored to its natural state and some of it to benefit the citizens of Oceano.

Christina Casillas