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Oct 26 - Nov 5, 2023

Vol. 24, No. 35

With an interim principal at the helm through December, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School is still in limbo following its previous principal’s departure last spring. The district has yet to hire a replacement after political issues wove their way into the school, impacting students, teachers, district officials, and school administrators. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor speaks with a student, teacher, and new administrator about the impact on school culture and what they want to see moving forward [6].
In addition, you can read about other political issues being injected into local school district meetings [4]; the Melodrama’s Trudy and the Beast [18]; and why Humdinger Brewing Company teamed up with Five Cities firefighters [21].

Waiting for change

Santa Ynez Valley High School still hasn’t found a new principal since controversies caused its last to resign

By Taylor O'Connor



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