Mother Nature will have her revenge on Dana Reserve development

[Regarding the SLO County Board of Supervisors April 24 approval of the Dana Reserve development in Nipomo.]

Really? This is an outrage on all levels, an insult and attack on our sense and sensibilities. We have surpassed our oak tree removal quota after letting Resnick clear-cut 15,000 oaks in Paso Robles. What is going on here? 

Development and destruction of this magnitude does not even compute, makes no sense. What the he!! is the definition and purpose of a reserve? Who speaks for the trees? William O. Douglas asked this question 52 years ago, and we still don’t get it. 

If this is about housing, this is not the place to do it. You can find a better place that does not require the death and destruction of old, precious, never-did-anything-wrong trees. If we don’t get this right, Mother Nature is going to get even. She always does, that is her job. And cutting down her masterpieces is going to pi## her off. 

This whole project in this place is a bad, stupid idea, and I would vote that stupid gets cut down and out and the trees stay. 

Jean’ne Blackwell
San Luis Obispo

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