So now the Biden administration has bypassed Congress to provide military support to a religious state in a street fight with the terrorists of Hamas, who are funded by a religious republic, but that same administration is somehow unable in a similar manner to provide military support to the democratic secular state of Ukraine in its full-on war with Putin’s Russia?

There will never be an acceptable “religious” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until both sides accept a secular state that guarantees the followers of all three major religions their right to co-exist. How is it that Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians can somehow live together, but Palestinian Jews living in a “religious state” cannot? 

Now I find that my own country has a religious fanatic “who talks with the Lord” as speaker of the House of Representatives, a speaker who believes he has been “ordained by God.” I am afraid that my own country is heading down the same dark path of “religious warfare.” By the Biden administration’s actions, the United States is now complicit in the deaths of thousands of innocent Palestinian Christians and Muslims, and Speaker Johnson thinks that it is all “God’s will.”

“Render to Caesar [the state] the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Jesus of Nazareth (Mark 12:17)

“The world needs a ‘Jewish state’ as much as it needs an ‘Islamic republic’ and a ‘Christian nation.’” God/Yahweh/Allah*

“Even though all of these nations are mine to give (Matthew 4:8-9), no one ever fought a war in my name!” Satan*

*They both told me last night that I could quote them.

Stephen Siemsen

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