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STILL HERE: In Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, director Davis Guggenheim mixes film clips and reenactments, over which Fox narrates what it’s been like to spend 30 years with Parkinson’s disease, streaming on Apple TV Plus.

Now 62 and in the depths of his Parkinson’s disease, which was diagnosed at age 29, Michael J. Fox has been living with the reality of both his fame and his disease for most of his life. This documentary, written by Fox and directed by Davis Guggenheim, chronicles his early life and jump into fame at a young age, his years spent as one of the world’s biggest stars and teen heartthrob, and the aftereffects of his diagnosis as well as the years of struggle as his body slowly becomes less steady and reliable. 

Fox’s perspective on his young stardom and the slice-of-life look we get into those years remind us what a true sensation he was, especially in the Back to the Future years. We also watch as he struggles to function. He’s walking still but with a marked handicap and is prone to falling, and watching his health degrade is difficult. 

Ultimately touching and undeniably saddening, Still offers us a look at what goes on behind the limelight and lets us see that even stars share human struggles. (95 min.)

—Anna Starkey

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