BINGEABLE: The Crown (Season Six)

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FAMILY TIES: The last season of The Crown spotlights Princess Diana’s (Elizabeth Debicki) final days with her sons, Princes William (Rufus Kampa) and Harry (Fflyn Edwards), before her tragic end in Paris.

The heady dramatization of the life and surroundings of England’s longest-reigning monarch draws to a roaring conclusion with the sixth season. The Crown now handles the events of the late 1990s, perhaps the most controversial time period yet, which revolve around Princess Diana’s (Elizabeth Debicki) short-lived dalliance with Harrods heir Dodi Fayed orchestrated by his billionaire father Mohamed Al-Fayed. The season is broken in two halves—Netflix released four episodes on Nov. 16 and the last six will be aired on Dec. 14. The first installment brings viewers up close to the Queen’s (Imelda Staunton) disapproval of both Diana and her son Prince Charles’ (Dominic West) new post-divorce relationships, and culminates with the princess and Fayed’s fatal car crash in Paris. It’s a stunning look into early paparazzi culture and its effects on its targets. Spanning between 1997 and 2005, the second installment will touch on pivotal moments in pop culture and world history alike, such as the budding romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the premiership of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. With some creative liberties in tow, The Crown was controversial for its incisive portrayal of the royal family. It weathered both criticism and praise from the late Queen Elizabeth, and the final season is the first to be produced since her passing. I’ve followed the series from the very beginning, and I’m on the edge of my seat to see how it all finally ends. (10 approximately 50-min. episodes)

—Bulbul Rajagopal

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