BINGEABLE: High Desert

Photo courtesy of Apple TV Plus
LOOKALIKE: Bernadette Peters (left) stars in the twin roles of Rosalyn, mother to drug addict turned private detective and Old West reenactor Peggy (Patricia Arquette, right), and Rosalyn’s doppelgänger, Ginger, who Peggy befriends, in the Apple TV Plus series High Desert.

Luckily for us, it seems everything Patricia Arquette touches is gold these days, and High Desert is no exception. Reminiscent a bit of Poker Face, Peggy is someone with mysteries to solve. She’s flawed, and her brother and sister are sick of picking up her messes, especially after their mother’s death and Peggy’s various legal troubles. 

Peggy is stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence and living with her head in the clouds. She relies on methadone to quash her pain and addictive nature, and she can’t seem to get out of the rut of what has become of her life. She goes to “work”—an unpaid position—for P.I. Bruce Harvey (Brad Garrett) to forge a new career and figure out a mystery surrounding her coworker’s shifty ex-boyfriend, Guru Bob (Rupert Friend). 

Released weekly, this series doesn’t get stuck in schtick. Arquette brings all of her brilliance to the role and somehow makes the audience care about Peggy, even though she’s a hot mess. Start watching now so you can finish out season 1 as the show wraps up! (eight approximately 30-min. episodes)

—Anna Starkey

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