To close Diablo, or not to close Diablo

Grover Beach

Did you know that our nuclear power plants have a fund of more than  $20 billion? However, our government doesn’t want that money touched until we have a permanent solution for nuclear waste. While they are trying to come up with a permanent solution, the nuclear power plants are piling up nuclear waste with nowhere to store it. This is dangerous. Very dangerous. This leads us to the question: Should we shut down Diablo or not? I say yes, and here is why.

Our future generations will have to put up with this wreck. Aren’t we the ones constantly saying that we need to fix this world for our children? I see no change, and until we can find change, we need to work on fixing ourselves. Granted, the radioactivity of these rods won’t affect our direct descendants, but down the road, in a couple of thousand years, our great-great-great-great-great grandchildren are going to be stuck.

People aren’t aware of the fact that we are paying higher electric bills because we are paying for the transportation of the nuclear rods to places thousands of miles away. They’re also not aware that maybe they are driving next to a truck filled with nuclear waste. What if it crashes? Hundreds of people could die. We need to make people aware of these facts before something worse—say, a nuclear meltdown—makes them aware.

If we keep on waiting for an answer to find its way to the desk of our governor, nothing is going to happen. Waiting gets us nowhere. We are Californians and as such we need to take the matters of our future seriously. With your help we can fix this problem. With your help we will succeed.