Cover file photo by Dylan Honea-Baumann / Cover design by Alex Zuniga

Jun 13-23, 2024

Vol. 25, No. 16

The number of people living in their vehicles in Santa Barbara County jumped 16 percent between 2023 and 2024, according to the county’s annual Point-In-Time Count. To address the issue, the county received almost $8 million from the state to help get those individuals linked with resources and into housing. Partnering with New Beginnings, the county aims to bring 300 individuals out of homelessness in two years—as all the money needs to be spent within that time frame. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor speaks with the county and nonprofit about the plan and the hurdles [8].
This week, you can also read about Bonita Elementary School’s quest for a clean water supply [4]; the Elverhoj’s new group show [24]; and smokin’ good barbecue in Santa Maria [28].



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