Cover photo by Jayson Mellom / Cover design by Alex Zuniga

May 30 - Jun 9, 2024

Vol. 25, No. 14

No health care provider offers abortion services in Lompoc, leaving residents to drive at least half an hour—or farther away if that care is needed beyond 16 weeks. Other gaps in reproductive health care services in Santa Barbara County’s third largest city can delay needed preventative care. Local government officials and Planned Parenthood have been working to establish a potential partnership for a satellite clinic in the area, but it’s still a work in progress. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor talks to local health care providers and experts about the accessibility of reproductive care and what it means [6].
This week, you can also read about what’s happening with financial mismanagement allegations leveled against Explore Lompoc [4]; the art of resin-poured ocean scenes [18]; and a celebration of Branch Street Deli’s facelift—one year in [21].



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