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Jan 25 - Feb 4, 2024

Vol. 24, No. 48

Noise complaints about crowing and concerns over cockfighting led the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to pass a new ordinance that limits the number of roosters allowed on properties. But the regulations mean that certain poultry hobbyists may no longer be able to use their properties to breed fowl for shows, something one supervisor called a concerning impact. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor speaks with impacted residents and supervisors about the rooster rules and what they mean [6].
This week, you can also read about what the county has to say about one supervisorial candidate’s assertion about future budget deficits [4], one local artist’s book about the Channel Islands [20], and what to enjoy during Santa Maria Valley Restaurant Month [24].

Rooster rules

Santa Barbara County residents speak out about a new ordinance limiting the number of roosters on properties

By Taylor O'Connor



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