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Jan 18-28, 2024

Vol. 24, No. 47

Only one bus per day runs between North and South Santa Barbara County, leaving those who need to see specialists in the city of Santa Barbara with the option of finding a ride or catching the bus at 7 a.m. and returning at 6 p.m. Transportation is one of several issues that seniors and residents with disabilities said hinders health care access. The responses to an Independent Living Resource Center survey highlighted other difficulties faced by seniors and residents with disabilities, as well, including a lack of affordable housing. Staff Writer Bulbul Rajagopal from the Sun’s sister paper, New Times, writes about the results [6].
This week, you can also read about the upcoming primary race for Santa Barbara County’s 3rd District supervisor seat [4], a disco tribute show in Arroyo Grande [18], and the project that builds backyard gardens in Cuyama [21].

Roadblocks to care

Seniors, residents with disabilities say a lack of medical transportation and long wait times for in-home services are issues in Santa Barbara County

By Bulbul Rajagopal



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