Cover photo courtesy of Santa Barbara County / Cover design by Alex Zuniga

Nov 30 - Dec 10, 2023

Vol. 24, No. 40

Guadalupe picked up the pieces after January’s flooding largely without the help of the state or federal government. Residents pulled together to fix what was destroyed, but the Santa Maria River, which changed course and spilled into town for the fourth time in the last 30 years, needs more. Santa Barbara County was able to fund a temporary fix and is on the hunt for a more permanent solution. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor writes about the issue and what the concerns are due to the El Niño predictions for this winter [6].
In addition, you can read about what the regional water board has to say about local farmers’ compliance with nitrogen regulations [4]; PCPA’s take on Elf [18]; and celebrating the season in Foxen Canyon [21].

Temporary fix

Guadalupe residents, Santa Barbara County want a more permanent solution to the Santa Maria River’s wandering ways

By Taylor O'Connor



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