Cover photo by Camillia Lanham / Cover design by Alex Zuniga

Sep 21 - Oct 1, 2023

Vol. 24, No. 30

Breaking ground on the Enos Ranch Park and Cultural Center means the Santa Maria Japanese Community Center will soon have a permanent home, where members can host meetings, showcase local history, honor the first generation of immigrants, and teach classes on Japanese cooking, language, and cultural arts. Staff Writer Taylor O’Connor speaks with community center members to learn about their family’s history in the area and how it will be shared into the future [7].
In addition, you can read about the county’s contract for emergency services and its controversy [4]; the SLOPOKE art show [26]; and a home for pop-ups in the Santa Ynez Valley [29].

Cultural cache

The Santa Maria Japanese Community Center is ready to share its generational history

By Taylor O'Connor



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