I never understood the exact meaning of that Aretha Franklin song title, but the lyrics imply a lack of trust. 

I just finished reading an investor newsletter explaining why some of my investments are not living up to my expectations. I have holdings in some natural gas companies, expecting a cold winter would boost demand. Au contraire mon frère. Warmer winter, said they. My response: “Didn’t we just have a couple of arctic cyclones clobber the Midwest?” Their assumed counter: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” 

Bottom line: January nat gas prices fell, while my gas bill doubled. Talk about getting it from both ends at the same time. 

Is the Public Utilities Commission on top of this? I doubt they would respond to a common consumer. Wish I had a press badge. Hello!? Anyone looking into this? [Are we] without an active press, our last line of consumer protection, because I’m sure our resident congressman is busy carbon stamping bills to put up windmills for the delusional greenies instead of protecting price gouging by utilities. 

So tell me, anyone, who’s zooming who?

Jan Lipski
Vandenberg Village

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