The Canary’s ideology, anti-hate arguments are faulty

In response to the Canary from the April 6 edition (“No place for hate”):

“The whole public school system gets at least two weeks off school for a Christian holiday ... but paint a crosswalk rainbow colors, and now there’s an ideology problem” should not be used to make the Canary’s case against Jesse Taylor or others who do not embrace LGBTQ-plus as a good thing, because it is a very poor comparison—rather like comparing a runny nose caused by seasonal allergies to Ebola. It is meant to pull at emotions not make a well reasoned argument.

Nor is it an honest argument, as the Canary attributes Christmas to Christianity, but only because it serves the purpose of attempting to paint a school break as Christians pushing their ideology. We should remember that for decades the secular world has done all it can to make those two weeks “winter break,” attempting to purge a celebration of Christ from the season. But even if that weren’t happening, Christians aren’t using the break to push ideology. You won’t lose your business or be put on trial for not making Christmas-themed cakes. No one is dragged into a two-week break and no Christian would raise the cry that you aren’t letting them worship God. 

Jesus, born so that mankind could be forgiven of their sins and be reconciled to God through Him, is not an ideology pushed by taking a two-week break from school. On the other hand, Pride Month is a blatantly in-your-face, monthlong pushing of LGBTQ-plus ideology. 

So the answer to the question the Canary posed, “The logic of some people, amirite?” No, you are not. Especially when you are supposedly standing for No Place For Hate week by mocking someone for their hasty typos. What the Canary is really saying is that there’s no room for hate unless you aren’t pro LGBTQ-plus, then you are fair game to be hated.

Meanwhile, there is another who has called for loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you. I would think he would be a far greater symbol to use for a No Place For Hate week.

Michael McCone
Santa Maria

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