I hope our little yellow dicky fluffer didn’t injure her spine bending over backwards trying to demonstrate that there’s no prejudice here (“Policy prattlers,” March 23). 

I don’t think the Solvang City Council demonstrated prejudice concerning overt displays of Pride colors and banners. I think it was a feeling of caution, as more permissive displays sometimes devolve into more immodest demonstrations. Much like Canary’s opening vulgar language. Often Pride celebrations turn into a Caligula-like Roman circus with immodest costumes and overt sexual behavior. Cole Porter’s 1934 song cautions. “Anything Goes” may be a leap too progressive. Family-friendly still means conservative modesty. 

Not to broad-brush the local community; one never knows what uninvited elements may pollute the intended action of the well-meaning local citizens. Yes! I said it. Not in so many words. Pride hoopla is feared. An assurance behavior that is offensive to community standards will be policed by the promoters. I think that was the concern of the elders. 

Canary should keep a civil tongue in her beak.

Jan Lipski
Vandenberg Village

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