Seek the truth and stand up for it

It’s not about red versus blue, but what do we value? What do we honor?

What’s best for our families, for our descendants, for our friends and neighbors, for the freedom our forefathers did their best to create and preserve. For all those who gave their lives in battle fighting for freedom.

Politics has become one’s identity. A polarization of ideas and ideals creating a cultural war.

To preserve the freedom we cherish and deserve, we must stop the hate, the evil, the promotion of the lawlessness, the corruption, the oppressive, unrighteous teaching of our children.

“Truth is only available to those who have the courage to question what they have been taught” or told to believe.

What about moral law, seeking the truth, being open to being wrong or faulty in opinion?

It’s become a battle between right and wrong, truth and lies, justice and injustice.

Our world is falling apart, and we are allowing it to happen.

Thoughts and opinions do not justify truth, we have to know for sure.

Courage is seeking the truth and standing up for it.

“A house divided cannot stand.” —Abraham Lincoln

Ellie Ripley
Arroyo Grande

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