Live more simply, save the planet

I do not know the author of “The Sea is Boiling,” Sept. 14. I imagine we would get along, as I share the same concerns about climate change. The small actions suggested are all good ideas, as we must all do something to steer us from disaster.

But I was struck that the writer has visited “her reef” every year for the last 15 years. Unless they sailed, powered by wind, I expect they flew. Fifteen round trips by fossil-fueled jets created a huge amount of CO2 emissions that each passenger bears responsibility for.

The vast majority of people never fly, nor travel far from home. Most people have less and live simpler lives and are responsible for far fewer emissions than those who fly regularly, either for business or pleasure. Most people of means are not willing to reduce their consumption, and our capitalistic economy would not be pleased if they did.

As Wendell Berry said, “We must all learn to live more simply.”

Christine Mulholland
San Luis Obispo

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