Thank you for praising the Guadalupe community for coming together on the 9th and 10th of January to help the flooded-out people (“The little town that could,” Jan. 19).

Since this flooding occurs periodically (as the mayor said, four times in 30 years) it should behoove the county, the state, and the feds to get a levee in place to stop this from happening. The (now) levee stops at the railroad bridge and is only earthen land aided by willows from then on under the Highway 1 crossing over the Santa Maria River and on out to the ocean. The city has been asking for this for years.  

The least that could be done is to channel the river to keep it from free-flowing side to side and breaking through earthen berms the farmers put there to help with the usually heavy rains the end of December, through January and February .  

As a longtime resident (actually native of Guadalupe), I and many others will keep repeating the mantra that the area needs a real levee.

Shirley Boydstun

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