Don’t knock EV ownership till you try it—at least learn more now

If I was going to write an editorial in the opinion section, I would make sure I knew the topic that I was talking about. If I was an editor, I wouldn’t print an editorial from someone who knows nothing about the topic.

Ron Fink just wrote an article about the electric vehicle mandate (“Who will pay?” May 2). I agree, the state should not tell us what we must buy. Another issue that he mentions is fire safety. When is the last time you heard of an EV causing a fire and the fire department not being able to put it out?

I’ve heard of a lot of gasoline car fires but no local EV fire that I’ve heard of. I don’t think I’ve heard of an accident with an EV that caused a short circuit and an out-of-control fire or explosion. 

The other thing he mentions is who replaces the vehicle or anything that’s damaged due to an EV fire. Well, we have insurance and we pay for insurance. The insurance pays for the vehicle and anything that’s damaged. 

If you don’t have an electric vehicle, don’t write an article on electric vehicles. He uses anecdotal stories from “people who told him.” This is called gossip. 

Who pays for the recharging stations? Electrify America, EVGo, ChargePoint, or Tesla pays for them. The price that we pay per KwH is clearly noted on the charging station. I know exactly how much I’m going to pay when I recharge my truck. I very rarely go to a charging station, because I have charging in my garage. 

I have solar panels that supply the electricity to charge my truck, and I only plug in after 9 p.m. I don’t buy gas anymore, and I only go to a public charging station once a month, or if I’m on a road trip. My electric truck (Ford Lightning Pro) was less than $40,000 after rebate, and my last PG&E bill was 12 bucks. I do pay for my solar installation, but I am saving huge amounts of money. My old F-250 got 9 mpg!

I’m a pretty conservative guy, and I know Ron Fink is too. I just wish he would write about what he knows. 

Come on by, I’ll show you the setup!

Ron Lovell

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