Bidenomics led to inflation, increased costs for consumers

I wonder if people realize what has brought about increased costs to every facet of our lives? It is called “Bidenomics,” the increased spending and the nonstop printing of money by the federal government is the primary cause of the “out of control” inflation America is experiencing and will continue to experience until spending is brought to reasonable levels. Government nonstop printing of money results in more dollars competing for goods and services, which in turn results in the higher prices for those goods and services. The national debt currently stands at $33.6 trillion.

The administration’s war on fossil fuels has resulted in huge increases in the cost of gasoline at the pump. If you add to that the fact every product brought to market requires fuel to get it there, you understand why we have experienced these dramatic price increases. Think about the fact that agricultural products alone require fuel for planting, harvesting, transporting to market, and ultimately for the consumer to transport the product home, fuel costs are added to one product four times. 

Then, there are the costs of increased regulations governing the production, transporting, and marketing of many items. Don’t forget the federal government’s raising of interest rates, which has caused mortgage interest rates to skyrocket. All these government actions have resulted in greatly increased costs to consumers all across America. 

So remember when you hear the word “Bidenomics,” the current economic policies of the federal government are in fact playing a huge part in the inflation you are experiencing. These increased costs you are paying for groceries, fuel and utilities, insurance and health care are not going down, they never do. Like it or not, “Bidenomics” is here to stay.

John Texeira
Paso Robles

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