Romantic comedy fans, strap in—we’ve got some heavy hitters in the house! Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon play Peter and Debbie, two old friends who had a fling a million years ago but managed to move onwards and upwards, becoming best friends. Think a less snarky When Harry Met Sally kind of thing.

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WHEN PETER MET DEBBIE: Single mom Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) and her son, Jack (Wesley Kimmel), live in LA, but a new father figure might be found in Debbie’s long ago one-night stand, in Your Place or Mine, screening on Netflix.

Peter is super successful and lives in New York in a gorgeous, albeit sterile, apartment. Debbie lives with her son, Jack (Wesley Kimmel), in LA and spends most of her time worrying about his various allergies and ailments—most of which seem to be overblown by Mamma Bear. Circumstance has the two switch places. Peter comes to LA to watch Jack while Debbie attends a course in NYC. Tig Notaro plays mom-friend Alicia, and as usual, her dry and deadpan humor is always a welcome treat onscreen for me. Throw in Steve Zahn as Debbie’s wacky neighbor and you’ve got all the elements of a possibly but not quite effective rom-com.

Of course, this film is genuinely predictable and more than a little groan inducing, but these two leads know how to sell a sweet romance. Fans of the genre will find it charming but overall forgettable. (109 min.)

—Anna Starkey

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