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ONLINE DATING NIGHTMARE: After a divorce, Dave Kroupa tried online dating, which turned his life into a stalking nightmare, in the Netflix true crime documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer.

Nothing ever goes wrong in a love triangle, right? There’s a lot of true crime out there, but even in a world filled with stories of love gone wrong, secret identities, and crazy exes, the story of Dave Kroupa, Cari Farver, and Liz Goyler hits high on the scale of absolutely bonkers. 

This is a story I was well familiar with, having heard it told through various podcasts and articles. However, seeing Kroupa recount the madness behind what was eventually found out to be the murder of Farver is mesmerizing. Farver started out as a casual sexual and dating partner to Kroupa, but when he started getting serious with Goyler, Farver seemingly went off the rails and became a dogged stalker who spent years making Kroupa’s and Goyler’s lives miserable.

Doesn’t seem too off the wall yet, right? Well, buckle up. As the investigation into Farver and her whereabouts continues, the story is soon turned on its head, and in real-life horror film manner, the call is seemingly coming from inside the house. Mixing dramatic reenactments alongside interviews with those closest to the case, this story is too wild to skip for fans of true crime and true drama. (90 min.)

—Anna Starkey

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