NEW FLICKS: Fingernails

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LOVE TEST? Ryan (Jeremy Allen White) and Anna (Jessie Buckley) know they’re in love because a test that analyzes torn-out fingernails told them so, but is it accurate? Find out in Fingernails, streaming on Apple TV Plus.

What would you do to discover if the person claiming to love you is truly in love? What would you do to be assured you were really in love with your partner? In this Apple Original film, Anna (Jessie Buckley) and Ryan (Jeremy Allen White) have proven their love by taking a strange test—one that requires the loss of a whole fingernail that gets analyzed by a mysterious machine that reveals your status. Either you come out at 100 percent like Anna and Ryan, proving both are in love with each other, 0 percent which means neither partner is in love, or the most torturous result—50 percent, meaning one partner feels a way the other doesn’t. 

The institute that runs these tests also runs courses for couples that work to identify and solidify love. When Anna starts secretly working there, she meets Amir (Riz Ahmed) and is shook. Suddenly she can’t suss out where her true feelings lie, and the dark web of her wondering mind makes her question her life with Ryan. 

The film follows her descent into compulsive darkness in a search for her truth. Interesting yet ultimately dark, this film makes you question how far you would go to know your own mind. (113 min.)

—Anna Starkey

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