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THE OLD SWITCHEROO: Overworked mom Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her rebellious teenage daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan), switch bodies and lives in the 2003 Disney film Freaky Friday, screening at the Palm Theatre of San Luis Obispo.

Freaky Friday features teenaged Lindsey Lohan in her heyday and Jamie Lee Curtis as a put-upon mom whose lives get turned upside down when an argument in a Chinese restaurant turns into a body-switching snafu. The two simply couldn’t understand each other before, but this Disney classic from 2003 (a remake of the 1976 original) attempts to bring some humor and levity to Tess and Anna’s sticky situation. 

I was a teen when this flick came out, and subsequent rewatches in the many years between now and then still bring joy. Lohan and Curtis are quite the pair—each with a real pizzazz for taking on their counterpart’s character. Between the nightmare of watching your mom talk to your crush while wearing your face to realizing that you may just have to marry your soon-to-be stepdad the next day, Freaky Friday is full of situations that Tess and Anna have to tackle as they race to get back to being themselves. 

This film’s sure to be a family favorite, so the opportunity to see it on the big screen is a treat! Freaky Friday reminds us that we’re a lot more alike than we are different, even when your parent or teen seems like a total alien to you. (107 min.) 

—Anna Starkey

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