BINGEABLE: Somebody Somewhere

Courtesy photo by Sandy Morris/HBO
KINDRED SPIRITS: Sam (Bridget Everett, left) and Joel (Jeff Hiller) are two misfits who through a love of singing create a rich friendship that sees them through tough times, in Somebody Somewhere, now in season 2 on HBO Max.

Somebody Somewhere is back for season 2, and I’m over the moon! It hasn’t lost any of its joy, and we dive further into these characters in this slice-of-life show. Sam is struggling to deal with her mother who’s in rehab and refuses to see her, her dad who has left her to clean up the farm, and her sister who is going through a divorce and isn’t the easiest person to have around. 

Life is complicated and Sam struggles with her own difficulties, one of which is her relationship with her sister. The two continue to work through their lifelong problems with each other and navigate life following the death of their sister.

She has Joel though, and the two make such a lovable pair. While Bridget Everett is wonderful, the true star for me is Jeff Hiller, whose Joel is so endearingly awkward. It’s a relatively slow-paced show, and honestly, there really isn’t a whole lot that goes on—instead this all about the relationships between these people. 

It’s got a lot of heart, and watching these misfits create their own support systems is a joy. (season 2; seven 24- to 30-min. episodes)

—Anna Starkey

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