BINGEABLE: Reacher (Season 2)

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TESTOSTERONE TANGO: (Left to right) Cop Gaitano “Guy” Russo (Domenick Lombardozzi), David O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos), and Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) are thrown into an international arms dealing conspiracy in Reacher, season 2, streaming on Amazon Prime.

I thought the first season of Reacher was good, but wowza, this second is even better. Based on the book series by Lee Child, the TV series follows retired military police officer Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson), a mountain of a man who lives the life of a vagabond, moving from place to place and righting wrongs. In the first season, he was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit in a corrupt small town, where he rooted out a conspiracy and meted out his violent brand of street justice. 

In season 2, an old military teammate, Neagley (Maria Sten), reaches out to him with news of about the apparent murder of another member of their special investigation team. What follows is a mystery involving international arms dealing and corrupt military personnel and politicians. Unlike the two Reacher films starring Tom Cruise, this series is truer to the books’ protagonist—and unlike 5-foot-7 Cruise, the book’s Reacher is an unbeatable giant, and Ritchson is 6-foot-3 and swole AF. 

What makes the series fun is Reacher is a true anti-hero who doesn’t care about rules, laws, or decorum. He’s walking justice with a mordant sense of humor and an unassailable moral code. He’s fearless. (eight approximately 50-min. episodes)

—Glen Starkey

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