Created by Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory) and Damon Lindelof (Lost), this Warner Bros. Television-produced series follows Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin), a Catholic nun who finds herself battling a powerful artificial intelligence called Mrs. Davis with the help of her ex-boyfriend, Wiley (Jake McDorman), sending them on a globetrotting adventure to find and destroy the Holy Grail in exchange for Mrs. Davis shutting herself off. 

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Courtesy photo by Sophie Kohler/Peacock
JESUS’ WIFE Betty Gilpin stars as Sister Simone, a nun fighting an artificial intelligence, in the deeply weird sci-fi dramedy Mrs. Davis, streaming on Peacock.

It’s as wackadoodle and farcical as it sounds. Mrs. Davis knows what people want, and she can manipulate them into doing her bidding, but she’s yet to get her hooks into Simone, who recognizes her evil powers. It leads to one weird adventure after another, for instance when Simone and Wiley travel to the English countryside to follow a lead and Wiley’s sidetracked by an absurd competition to see who can remain touching a giant sculpture of King Arthur’s mythical sword, Excalibur.

Along the way they meet Arthur Schrodinger (Ben Chaplin) who has a cat (wink-wink); Simone’s celestial husband Jesus Christ, who goes by Jay (Andy McQueen); and a litany of other characters, including an always welcome Margo Martindale as Mother Superior. It’s a hoot! (eight 48- to 60-min.)

—Glen Starkey

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