BINGEABLE: Live To 100: Screts Of The Blue Zones

Photo courtesy of Netflix
FOUNTAINS OF YOUTH: Author Dan Buettner travels the world to places where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives, in the Netflix miniseries Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones.

Certain areas of the world are known as “Blue Zones,” regions where residents live longer than average. Netflix’s new series Live to 100 takes us around the world to explore what it is about these areas that sets them apart from the rest of the world and gives residents longer lives. From Okinawa, Japan, to the Greek island of Ikaria and Loma Linda, California, the series dives into what the people and traditions do to not just live an extended life, but live a happy, healthy life. 

Common themes are areas where walking is a way of life; healthy diets centered on vegetables, fruits, and oils; and generational traditions. While it may feel intuitive that healthy eating and exercise are the key to longevity, there are many more unseen factors that come into play. In Sardinia, the town is built in the hills and therefore residents are walking at inclines more often, which keeps their heart rate up and cardiac health good. On Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula, longevity is attributed to close-knit families and keeping hard at work.

Informative and interesting, Live to 100 takes us on a beautiful tour of the Earth’s healthiest regions and gives us insight on how to extend our own lives. (four approximately 40-min. episodes) 

—Anna Starkey

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