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DOUBLE TROUBLE: Rachel Weisz takes on the roles of Beverly and Elliot Mantle, twin gynecologists who are determined to change reproductive health care, in Dead Ringers streaming on Amazon Prime.

Based on David Cronenberg’s 1988 horror-thriller of the same name about identical twin gynecologists who take advantage of the fact that no one can tell them apart, this new TV series replaces Cronenberg’s male leads with Rachel Weisz in the twin roles of Beverly and Elliot Mantle, who are determined to change birthing. Despite their identical appearance, they’re two very different people—Elliot is brash, reckless, and unhinged; Beverly is circumspect, measured, and thoughtful. Yet, they have been inseparable and share everything from drugs to lovers to a desire for evolved reproductive health care. 

Their tight relationship begins to unravel, however, when Beverly begins a relationship with Genevieve (Britne Oldford), an actress, leading Elliot into fits of jealousy and moments of madness. There’s an especially potent scene when Beverly and Genevieve have left town, leaving Elliot alone. She gets into an altercation with a woman named Agnes (a mesmerizing Susan Blommaert), and suddenly reality shifts and viewers no longer know what’s real. It’s brilliantly executed.

This is a bloody series filled with graphic birth and C-section scenes, so for squeamish viewers, it might be too much. It’s weird and wild and sexy and morally messy. Prepare to be unsettled. (six 52- to 64-min. episodes)

—Glen Starkey

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