Friday, August 22, 2014     Volume: 15, Issue: 24

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What do you think of the Chumash Casino Resort expansion project?

It's the tribe's property; they can do whatever they want.
I don't want to see a 12-story hotel in the Santa Ynez Valley.
The government should shut it down; it's a public nuisance.

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Santa Maria Sun / Street Wise

What is the most important issue that Santa Maria City Council needs to tackle?

Miguel Cardenas

Miguel Cardenas

car dealer

“The City Council really needs to see the community, the streets. ... Economic development would be a big one, because if you think about it, the biggest building we have is the Santa Maria Inn.”

Alma Marquez

Alma Marquez

school program manager

“There isn’t development, and we are the most populated city in the county. ... A very structured economic development that’s tailored to the different educational levels that we have here.”

Debbie Haldeman and George Haldeman

Debbie Haldeman and George Haldeman

public service worker, truck driver

Debbie: “The lack of funding for the kids. ... Whether it be a bike park or skateboarding, something for these youth to do.”

George: “There are really no programs for these kids in this community, and there needs to be.”