Monday, March 30, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 3

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Are physical public libraries still an important part of modern life?

Yes. Centuries of cultural development can't be wrong.
Maybe, but the Internet is making them obsolete.
No. We can get all we need on our phones.
Yes. Everyone can access the Internet on library computers.

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Lead Story

Lawn bowling: A relaxed sport that is both strangely like and strangely unlike bocce ball

On a July morning in 1588, Sir Francis Drake was enjoying a game of bowls on a lawn in Plymouth, England. Drake had circumnavigated the Earth and harassed Spanish ships and settlements in the name of Queen Elizabeth. The Spanish Armada, he was told, had been sighted off the coast of England. Drake was unhurried. “There is plenty of time to finish the game and thrash the Spaniards, too,” he remarked, before pr... [ Read More ]