Monday, June 29, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 16

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What should be done with the Santa Barbara County Main Jail once Santa Maria's jail is completed?

Keep it, lock more of 'em up!
Demolish it, it's a waste of money.
Turn it into a museum a la Alcatraz.
Move it to Casmalia.

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Lead Story

Color lines: Major League Baseball's managers reflect a trend that leans toward racism

A few decades back, a Los Angeles Dodgers executive named Al Campanis got into a heap of trouble for opining that African Americans might be good ball players, but they lacked the “necessities” to be field managers or executives. Apparently, the spirit of Al Campanis has returned and is now haunting the suites of the white men who own baseball. And it raises this question: Has America’s national pastim... [ Read More ]