Tuesday, February 9, 2016     Volume: 16, Issue: 48

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What do you do to help keep your neighborhood safe?

I'm a member of our Neighborhood Watch.
I make a point to get to know all my neighbors.
I peer through the blinds making sure nothing is amiss.
I warn my neighbors whenever my husband is cooking dinner.

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Lead Story

Pick-up sticks: Lacrosse grows in popularity on the Central Coast thanks to the efforts of dedicated community members

If you thought lacrosse was a sport reserved for the East Coast Ivy League elite and not California’s Central Coast—then think again. Come out to the Pioneer Valley High School athletic fields this spring—at night after the varsity sports have wrapped up their practices—and you’ll find about two dozen Santa Maria teenagers chasing a lacrosse ball up and down, donning sticks, pads, and helmet... [ Read More ]