Tuesday, September 28, 2021     Volume: 22, Issue: 30

Santa Maria Sun / Special Issue

Food & Drink 2021


Food & Drink 2021


This year’s annual Food and Drink issue comes out just as restaurants and bars can serve more customers with fewer restrictions. But eating out isn’t relegated to brick-and-mortar establishments, something the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted. Staff Writer Malea Martin writes about Santa Barbara County’s recently passed ordinance allowing. The pandemic also gave rise to outdoor eating, something many Central Coast cities are struggling to decide the future of. Staff Writer Kasey Bubnash has the story.

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What are the most important conversations to be having right now when it comes to policing?

We need to address how racial bias influences policing.
We should focus on funding the police so they can do their job.
Mental health is where our dollars need to go, both in and out of the police department.
As one Sept. 20 community input meeting attendee said, 'Let’s get back to the Old West and treat people like they should be treated.' (Interpret how you will.)

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