Sunday, September 19, 2021     Volume: 22, Issue: 29

Santa Maria Sun / Special Issue

Volunteers 2021



In this year’s annual Volunteers Issue, we talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on nonprofits, starting with the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, which saw an unparalleled increase in a need for services. Both the number of volunteers and the hours they worked increased. Staff Writer Malea Martin Speaks with a couple of food bank volunteers, while Staff Writer Kasey Bubnash speaks with Central Coast Home Health and Hospice about how the way they serve clients has changed.

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What should Santa Barbara County prioritize for regulation and ordinance updates?

Cannabis all the way. Growers should be required to get a conditional use permit.
Child care facilities deserve our attention. There are too many barriers for these businesses.
It's not glamorous, but wireless communication needs to come into compliance with federal rules.
The environment should be prioritized. Oil and gas operations on land need more regulations.

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