Thursday, December 13, 2018     Volume: 19, Issue: 41

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Music Genre: Acid Jazz
Located: Cayucos
Crazy Joe's band plays with eyelids at half mast. He has captured alive the true sounds of fun, innocent, escapist, hedonistic retrogressive joy. This music has the ability to reprogram the brain and body so that after repeated listening you can identify implanted messages and commands as your own notions. What makes it categorically different? It has sultry excitement and adventurous mystery. It's great music that's an amusing and memorable part of our collective media sub-life. music is associated with the mood of swank space age bachelor pads, exotica, cool hepcats, martinis, lava lamps, tiki torches, beach parties, sand, surf, sunsets, mondo mambo, bossa-nova bongo, atomic cha-cha, crime spy jazz, jet set hi-fi hi-balls, and cocktail pop culture. Here is the sound of swinging sophistication. It's background vibes for people who want to have a fabulous time. It's the ultimate escape, and the coolest vacation you can take... a soundtrack for paradise. Take your shoes off, and live the high life while you can. Soothe your ears, and ease your mind from a stressed out world. Relax, laugh, listen and enjoy!

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