Saturday, January 19, 2019     Volume: 19, Issue: 46

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Chase Christen

The Way We Play: Listen!
According to Your Dreams: Listen!
Changing of the Seasons: Listen!
Music Genre: Alternative
Located: Lompoc
Upcoming Performances:
Non at the moment
Chase Christen grew up in Modesto, ca. There he teamed up with his brother Josef Christensen and local talented musician and friend Greg Fender to create band named “Sickle” who's claim to fame was filling up event halls with fans and friends. Since the break up of the industrial metal band in 2003. Chase Christen and his brother Josef have been exploring their own different techniques of song writing trying to bring new groove and fill in the holes for a softer more intimate experience with their fans...“something… we felt was lacking and knew we weren’t going to find it in the genre of music we were playing, at some point we all change,… plus, this is the music that lives in us.” -Chase

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