Saturday, April 21, 2018     Volume: 19, Issue: 7

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C. Hite

Type of Art: Multimedia
Where you can see my art:

The SLO Art Center, ARTS Obispo, The Executive Gallery At The San Luis Business Center, S. Higuera and Los Osos Valley Rd, Suite 800: Receptions the last Friday of each month, 4-7pm. Zero Effect Online Radio

About Me/My Art:

As the Director and Curator of ART Zero, I organize art and fundraising events at the San Luis Business Center, which include exhibits, film and music venues. I am known as an Artist Advocate and have three degrees in ART; an AA and BA in Ceramic Studio and a Masters in Ceramic Sculpture Studio. My ceramic work includes monumental ceramic sculpture, experimental kilns, and Raku. My fieldwork was in socio-political Installation-Performance Art and film. I have a lifetime of images of un-witnessed, transitional Landsite Artworks that can now be experienced through my multimedia productions, produced through Random Fortune Films. I am very involved in all forms of Art and am a full process Stone Lithographer and Off-Set Lithographer. My book, “A Ceramic Adventure Through Future Reality” has toured the majority of the United States, Mexico and the Library of Congress, on exhibit. The greatest influence on my life is my childhood experiences in the South of Taiwan. Color, pageantry, and ritual are an integral part of my Artwork, as well as themes of war and peace. My work expanded beyond the size of a gallery in the late 70’s and I began traveling the western United States and Canada, creating and documenting my Landsite Installations and Performance Art. I take a unique approach to work space; working out and doing Art Installations on north Pismo Beach. I teach and am introducing a form of physical conditioning, Art and esthetics; the “Goku Raku,” on the Central Coast. My working studio, Executive Office X, in the San Luis Business Center allows me to bring all my efforts together. I run my Art Forum, broadcast my music over a T1 Internet Line, and prepare my films and Artwork for exhibit. My Art Film titled “Still Life: Lulla-bye” screened in Tribecca New York this year and in Vienna Austria as part of the 59 Project. I create original music for my sound tracks and produced an album of original compositions; “Free the Spirit: Simple Melodies for Solo Harp.”

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