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Students donned ties for success in Guadalupe


Fourth-grade students at Mary Buren Elementary School walked into school on Jan. 16 dressed for success.

Fourth-grade students at Mary Buren Elementary School in Guadalupe took fashion and professionalism a step further than usual on Jan. 16 for Dress for Success Day.

Both boys and girls sported ties and blazers in the classroom and on the playground. Most of the professional-ware was donated, according to a press release, although students wore items they brought from home, too.

In the press release, teacher Jamie Cuello said he knows the program has a positive impact on his students that won’t be forgotten.

“When they dress like professionals, they act like professional students,” Cuello said. “It has helped some struggling students improve their grades and become more serious about the value of learning and the educational experience.”

Cuello came up with the idea more than 10 years ago after seeing how sharp children who attended private schools appear. At first, he brought ties into the classroom from home. Then, teachers and staff pitched in, bringing ties and jackets to school that their own children outgrew. Now volunteers and former teachers, such as Joy Frank, join in and provide tailoring, as well as more than a dozen jackets.

“We want them to go to school looking and feeling good,” Frank said in the press release.

Student Daiela Ceja said the tie she wore made her feel smarter, while fellow student Melissa Ruelas predicted that other students would want to know what was going on.

“The other students will ask me where I got the tie … they will want to know,” she said in the press release. “I can’t wait to tell them that it helps me learn and makes me a more professional student.”

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