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The following articles were printed from Santa Maria Sun [] - Volume 14, Issue 41

Santa Barbara Foundation waives proof of citizenship requirement for student aid


Beginning in 2014, the Santa Barbara Foundation will apply its student aid funds to the best-qualified students from Santa Barbara County, regardless of citizenship status.

As the largest annual donor to the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, the foundation expects to provide $1.6 million for student aid in 2014 and requests that citizenship status no longer be considered when determining which students get money for higher education.

A press release sent out by the foundation said that by making this announcement it’s acknowledging the changing demographics of the country while reiterating its commitment to “developing the next generation of civic and corporate leaders to support future economic vitality.”

Ron Gallo, president and CEO of the foundation, said in the press release that the United States is in a global competition for a talented workforce.

“As is the case with every region in the United States, Santa Barbara County cannot afford to not invest in all of its best and brightest,” Gallo said. “Investing in the best students in the county regardless of citizenship status will give these young men and women the opportunity to live a more successful life and to acquire the competencies and experiences to contribute to and lead their communities.”

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