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Guadalupe gets new high school bus stops


More than 200 people signed a petition to turn two bus stops into four for Guadalupe students who take the bus to Ernest Righetti High School every morning.

It was just one of several concerns brought up by Guadalupe residents who banded together to form the Comité Guadalupe in June. The group’s purpose is to improve the daily living conditions within its community.

Maria Santos and Susana Centeno, who are both parents of high school students, spearheaded the signature collection effort. Comité leaders also invited administrators of Righetti High to attend the Aug. 9 meeting addressing the transportation needs of Guadalupe students. Principal Steve Molina and Assistant Principal Sal Reynoso attended the meeting.

At the start of the 2013-2014 school year, administrators and Righetti High students came together to get those extra bus stops put on the Guadalupe route.

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