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Righetti high schoolers prep 
for college with boot camp


Righetti High School seniors got ready to stomp their feet from their high school campus to wherever they dream of going at a college boot camp on Sept. 4.

The second annual Ernest Righetti High School Boot Camp began training students to attack and conquer college life on Sept. 4.

It was the first of four sessions that will take place in the high school’s cafeteria. More than 200 seniors attended the session, at which information about college myths, preparation, and admission requirements were discussed.

An integral part of the program is helping students learn about themselves by exploring their goals and interests for the future.

In a press release, Righetti High counselor Eric Blanco said seniors have a lot to figure out before leaving high school.

“The senior year can be overwhelming,” Blanco said in the release. “We are attempting to break down information in manageable pieces and that decreases stress and anxiety.”

Boot camp trainings are designed to help students establish a résumé and personal statement; check out scholarships, financial aid options, and applications; and test their skills, Righetti’s college and career specialist Vicki Dirkes said in the release.

Recent graduate Mackenzie Greeley, who began her career at UCLA with a special summer session, said the boot camp training she received helped her get into the school.

“It is a daunting task to apply if you are on your own without any kind of guidance,” Greeley said in the release.

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