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Doc Burnstein's scholarship day supports employees


Greg Steinberger stands with his college-bound employees who benefited from the annual Doc Burstein’s Ice Cream Lab Scholarship Day, including (from left to right) Mary-Kate Smith, Lacey Stewart, Miriya Rubalcaba, Macie Burd, and Aaron Friedman.

On Aug. 13, Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab was host to its eighth annual scholarship day, which raked in more than $4,000 to be divided among the lab’s college-bound employees.

Aaron Friedman, Macie Burd, Lacey Stewart, Mary-Kate Smith, and Miriya Rubalcaba benefited from the fundraiser. In order to be eligible to receive a scholarship, employees must have at least a 2.75 grade point average, be enrolled in college-level courses, and have worked at least 500 hours.

In a press release, Smith said she was excited about how the funds from the event could lend a hand in her life.

“It will help me get a couple steps further toward reaching my goal of becoming a physical therapist,” she said.

One hundred percent of the Aug. 13 revenue from both the Orcutt and Arroyo Grande locations went into the kitty. Greg Steinberger, founder of Doc Burstein’s, told the Sun education is something the lab has always tried to support. He said every year, Doc’s donates at least 10 percent of its profits to youth education.

“I know I worked while I was in school—I know what it’s like to work and go to school at the same time,” Steinberger said. “This scholarship day is just one way to stand by our corporation’s commitment to education.”

Another way the corporation stands by that commitment is through the recently started fundraising nights, which give local schools an opportunity to raise money. Any participating school receives 15 percent of the proceeds from its fundraising night.

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